Confession: I Hate Fish!

Salmon (6)

Baked Herbed Salmon- Less than 500 Calories!

As Hubban and I try to kick off 2015 with eating better and losing some weight, we’re trying to add some fish to our weekly diet. And, guess what, I hate fish! I eat it anyways because all of the great stuff it has in it. That being said, I look for new fish recipes each week to try to make the fish more bearable and less FISHY.



Herbed Butter

This week was Baked Herbed Salmon from I have to say the herbed butter was DELISH!! It definitely helped me get through yet another week of stomaching some fish. Hubban even said it was the best part of the dinner (despite its GREEN color)! I made some Butter and Herb Rice and green beans to make the meal complete. Came out to being under 500 calories for a very filling and nutritious meal.

Terrible Terror

Terrible Terror Approved!

~ Laweezy

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