Super [Easy] Snack Smoothie

SmoothieDo you have trouble getting your kids to eat fruit? Okay lets be honest, do you have problems getting enough fruit yourself?? I’m not a fruit eater, I love the flavors but not crazy about most of the textures (don’t tell my kids!). I’ve finally mastered an EASY PEASY smoothie to whip up anytime at home. The worst part of it all is cleaning the blender! I make this and split it with my boys. If you drink the entire thing it’s less than 300 calories!! I drink half so it’s the perfect 3-4pm snack to hold us over ’til dinner.

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3!!

  1. 1 cup frozen fruit, I love the Dole mixes! One shown is “Tropical Medley” with Strawberries, Pineapple, and Papya (make sure whatever you get is 100% fruit!!)
  2. 1 cup juice, I use 100% apple juice, but you can use whatever you prefer. Again go for 100% natural, no added sugars. (Fruit has enough sugar itself, no need to add more!)
  3. 1 individual cup of yogurt, we prefer vanilla (remember picky boys!) but use what you have/what you like.

Ingredients BlendingYum

Add it to your blender and voila! Great snack, and great for you (and the kiddos!!)
~ Laweezy

Terror~*~ Happy Boys! ~*~ Bebo Love!

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