Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Chicken

20150211_182135Daweezy, her mom and I went to Olive Garden a month or so ago, and I had the most AH-MAZINGGG chicken!! Seriously, if you’re going to Olive Garden any time soon, order the Garlic Rosemary Chicken! So I, of course, had to look for a copy cat recipe!

GarlicTHANK YOU to The Gardening Cook for replicating the chicken and sharing your recipe! I omitted the mushrooms (PICKY BOYS!!) but still  DELISH!!! This was the first time I roasted garlic, I think mine was slightly over-roasted but it did the trick! I cut off the tip of the garlic, put it in some foil, sprinkled a little bit of olive oil on it, and put it in the oven for an hour and a half at 350 degrees.

Bebo was not so thrilled about the roasted garlic! When I unwrapped the foil, he asked, “Is it bad?! It sure does look bad.” I told him that it’s super yummy, he disagreed, “It looks berry nasty, do people eat that stuff??”

I served my chicken with our FAVORITE roasted yellow and sweet potatoes and green beans. The meal ended up being about 500 calories. I will definitely use the roasted garlic sauce on chicken and other meats again! NOTHING better than garlic and rosemary paired together!!

~ Laweezy


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