Glittery Cupcakes

CupcakesFor Valentine’s day this year, Hubban and I chose to take the easy route! We enjoyed a low-key day and I surprised him with yummy (and GORGEOUS) cupcakes! CONFESSION: I am not a baking queen, I am a firm believer/user of boxed cakes (except when it comes to cookies)!

Stud MuffinHubban LOVES Reeses so I chose the Reeses Cupcake mix, with a chocolate frosting and GLITTERY sprinkles. They turned out SO pretty and SO SO moist and delicious. These are perfect for any occasion really, I just made them lovey dovey for Valentines day.

  ❤ Glitter just makes EVERYTHING better!! ❤

PB Filler

I did have to fix up the filler a bit, it was WAYYY too runny. Get to fixing that, Betty Crocker! I just thickened it up with flour (did not affect the taste) but it was still very runny/messy. LUCKILY it was SOOO good, I would make again. Just be sure to work over a cookie sheet or something so you don’t have peanut butter EVERYWHERE.

~ Laweezy ❤


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