French Bread Pizza

20150220_181542_Richtone(HDR)Here we go again! Pizza Pizza Pizza!

I’m telling you, if I agreed to it, Hubban would eat pizza EVERY DAY… For lunch AND dinner! I’m not kidding! I get sick of it! So I always love to switch it up…. The EASIER, the BETTER!


20150220_180828_Richtone(HDR)I went to Publix and they had a deal, buy 1 garlic spread get a French bread loaf for free. It reminded me of a pin I saw on Pinterest a month or so ago, I’m not sure if I even re-pinned it but the picture stuck! I tried it a few different ways- sliced it in half like a sub-sandwich, sliced some like a loaf of bread then for my pieces, I sliced it like a sub but thinner. The first round, sub-style in half, was too thick with too much bread to the toppings. The second type, was ideal for the boys, they were like mini pizzas and Bebo had fun putting the pepperonis on them. Finally, I made mine a mix of the first two types… Instead of slicing it in half, I sliced it in thirds. It was my favorite!


First I sliced the French bread, I put a hefty layer of garlic spread on each slice, then piled on my toppings! The boys are strictly sauce, ham, cheese and pepperoni (in THAT order!!). I like to add black olives and fresh tomatoes to mine. I baked at 350-400 degrees until the cheese melted… On the last batch I added in a few mins of broiler time to the get the cheese to a more ideal meltiness. Overall, SOOOOOO good!!! And SOOOOO EASY!!!

~ Laweezy

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