“Congrats on Getting Knocked Up!”

boxI found out one of my closest friends is expecting her FIRST baby!!! Hubban and I were one of the first to know! This couple was one of the first to know when we were expecting our Terrible Terror and even stayed at the hospital all night to watch our 4 y/o Bebo when our Terror was born. We wish we could be there to laugh at their pregnancy adventures!!

Contents of BoxTo make myself feel better about being 600 miles away, I decided to send a “Congrats on Getting Knocked Up” box! First, of course, I’m handing down my “What to Expect When Expecting” and “What to Expect the First Year,” as I told her, been there done that [twice!!], she can have them! Next, can’t forget about Daddy-to-Be, I bought him “My Boys Can Swim!” by Ian Davis. This is a hilarious read for all first time dads! I bought it for Hubban when we were expecting our Bebo. Fairly certain it was the ONLY book he read!

I also added in a funny movie, “Knocked Up,” I was looking for “The Change Up,” but couldn’t find it. Both are hilarious and a funny touch to show the parents-to-be what’s coming! Mommy-to-be’s favorite food is mac and cheese so I sent her a box of her comfort food as well as a nightgown, “for when waistbands become too much.” For daddy-to-be I added some earplugs, “For when the baby is crying… or Momma is nagging.” And finally, the sweetest picture frame, “Family – Where Life Begins and Love Never Ends,” could it get more perfect?!

Wrapping 2   Wrapping

For the box, I found pretty paper and matching tape to make it a unique box to receive in the mail! Who wouldn’t want to come home and find this on their door step? I just wrapped up an old shoe box, then after filling it, I wraped it in clear cellophane to protect the paper and keep it pretty.

IMG_20150201_164044 Open up!

The box was a complete surprise and they gushed about how much they loved it! There is nothing better than showing friends and family how much you love them, even from far away. ❤

~ Laweezy

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