Bacheloreopardy! and Other Party Games

Board 1One of my plans for Amanda’s Bachelorette party was to have her “EARN” cash by playing games. The girls and I want her to be able to buy the wedding dress accessories (belt, headband, jewelry, shoes, whatever she decides on) that she REALLY wants, without worrying about blowing her budget. Daweezy loves to watch Jeopardy! so I decided to go in that direction …

I emailed her fiancé a TON of questions to answer and I made up a bunch of cute topic names (listed below). I was able to make two boards out of the questions, totaling to about $200-300!! We had a lot of fun finding how just how little she knows about her fiance! Each category had a $1, $2, $3, $4, and $5 question with the cash tacked on the board, enticing right?!

You can download the questions for your own use right here -> Questions about Groom

Game Categories:

Board 1 –

The Early Years
Did it Hurt?
Gettin’ Edu-ma-cated
Know Your In-Laws
His Favorite Things
By The Numbers
It Could Happen!

Board 2

Board 2 –

When it ALLLLL Began
Oh La La!
M Oh No, He D’ent!
The Way to a Man’s Heart
In His Dreams!
Shh… Don’t Tell …

   11161349_10104072701215962_7092490882560321339_n   11074317_10104072701430532_4466814858445536557_n


New ImageWhile waiting for a few of our girls to arrive Friday night, we tested Daweezy’s knowledge of her girls as well. I had all of her bridesmaids and close (female) family answer a few basic questions. Like birthplace, birthday, shoe size, biggest fear, etc … It was a lot of fun… she knew quite a bit about everyone, EXCEPT ME!! She ALWAYS gets the day of my birthday mixed up… Anytime she answered [more so guessed] wrong, she had to take a jello shot. I made Champagne Jello Shots, keeping it classy!! I used Barefoot Moscato Champagne and added edible gold flakes on top.

AccessorizeFinally, we played “Accessorize Amanda,” similar to pin the tail on the donkey (ha!) with a poster of Daweezy. Her mom found some cute little glittery Disney princess stickers to stick on her poster… whoever was closest to their mark won a little prize.

A HUGE thank you goes to Daweezy’s Mom, aka my Aunt Timmy, for helping with this weekend!! She was a UGE help with everything, including the games and found all of the prizes for the girls.

me and aunt timmy

~ Laweezy ❤

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