DIY Glittery Bachelorette Decor

diyI tried to do as many DIY décor for Daweezy’s bachelorette weekend to make it unique and 100% Daweezy’s style. I glittered some letters for the door hanger, as well as some wine bottles for the table centerpiece, and made her “Bachelorette” sash! Read on to see the few simple steps to each of these!

Door Hanger

First off, the “I Do” door hanger was SUPER easy! I bought wood letters from Hobby Lobby, so many different sizes and styles to choose from! Then glittered each (just front and edges, don’t worry about the back) – I simply used Elmers glue for this, it did the trick and was easy clean off my hands. I found the easiest way to do this (with less mess) was inside a box, I spread the glue on the letter and poured glitter over it… Door HangJust make sure all seams on the bottom of the box are taped!! Once the letters are all glittered, use this Modge Podge sealer to keep the glitter in place, it kept it shiny because it is super high-gloss. Next, hot glue the letters to your ribbon or in my case, burlap wired ribbon from Walmart, (kind of like this one but not in bulk!) I used the same one for this and the sash. Finally, HOW would I hang it on a door that we’re RENTING with no damages?! I came up with the idea of gluing it on to a wreath hanger, I (meaning Hubban) sawed off the hook so it was just straight and BOOM, perfect! No nail holes, no tape, easy-peasy!

Glitter BottlesNext, my FAVORITE! Glittered wine bottles… Not just solid glitter, but polka dot and striped glitter! How pretty are these?? Again with the glitter and elmers glue, finishing off with the Modge Podge sealer! But follow along to see how exactly I made those perfect little polka dots. I won’t lie, I had to do some brainstorming for these… But I’m happy with my end result!

HOW TO1. Stick on the round stickers – you know you’ve seen them! The ones we’ve all used or seen at yard sales. Then glitter it up!
2. Once the glitter has dried, peel off the stickers (don’t worry if some of the glitter comes off, you’ll fix it later)
3. Again, it is best if you do all this glittering in a box, it gets a bit messy!!
4. Now put new stickers on the dots- wait what?!? Let me explain the method to my madness … I knew I would be spraying the bottles with the Modge Podge, and I was afraid that I would not be able to find the dots in order to peel them off. And I didn’t want the sealer to be visible on the glass of the clear spots… so the best way to do this was peel them off, put on new(visible) stickers, fix any spots that messed up THEN spray! [I’m known to take the long way on things, but hey it worked!]
5. Finally, spray with the Modge Podge sealer! You can see my striped one (in the works) on the right – same method minus the sticker renewal. For the stripes I used electrical tape (all I had on hand) and kept the glue from covering the tape so it was visible after glittering (as you can see), the tape peeled right off!

Sash diy

On to the Sash!! I used the same burlap wired lace as the Door hanger and hot glued coral-ish ric rac trim (I found mine at Walmart) to the edges… Then I ironed these Glittery gold letters on, they didn’t stick that great to the burlap, but they worked for us! Next, I needed a pin to hold the sash together. I wanted a unique type of flower and happened to find this one on pinterest, Vintage Burlap Fringed Flower. I used Elmer’s glue(seeing a pattern here?!), a gold fleck burlap I found at Hobby Lobby, and since I couldn’t find a button the right size, I made petals and used a smaller jeweled button for the center. I hot glued a piece of fabric to the back then added a pin back and Voila! Done! It took me a few tries to get it right, but well worth it!

There you have it! The three main projects I did for Daweezy’s party, and to use at her wedding! Keep an eye out for details on Daweezy’s unique “Wedding Shower” next!

~ Laweezy ❤

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