A Wedding Shower to DIY For!

11170363_10100972955601367_3571236039231588357_nSince most of Daweezy’s girls are from other states and are unable to attend all of the little parties given to couples with an upcoming marriage (Engagement party, Wedding Shower, etc) and can’t help her with wedding planning and décor, I wanted to try and roll as many of these into her weekend. So Friday and Saturday night was her “Bachelorette Party,” and I decided Sunday would be like a Wedding Shower … Except Daweezy refused to allow anyone to throw a Wedding Shower, they don’t need any gifts for their home so I racked my brain for something different but that would actually HELP her, like the cash for her wedding accessories …

One day, likely after listening to her whine about her Wedding Craft To-Do List, I thought, What if we do a Craft Shower?! Then after doing some googling and Pinterest binges, I came up with “A Wedding Shower to DIY For!” For her Wedding Shower, we helped her complete some tedious, glittery Wedding DIYs … Everything is more fun with girlfriends! Add in mimosas, waffles and glitter and you get a wedding shower like no other!

11140120_10104077577893062_2450939386463629417_nFor the Mimosas, I printed the sign from here (just look at her beautiful Mimosa Bar!!).  We had three different champagnes as well as four different juices. The juices I chose were orange, cranberry, cranberry/peach, and lemonade. You can find the Carafe I used here from Party City. I then hot glued some decorative ribbon on them to make them match the pink and gold theme.

  11171941_10206421900448023_392144664_o  11157216_10206422057731955_2081957367_o

For fruit, we had oranges, raspberries, and strawberries. Let me tell you, the cranberry/peach was AH-MAZZINGG!! So delicious and the fresh fruit at the bottom was probably the best part. They were so good! For the waffles, I found a fun-fetti waffle mix at my local grocery store, it was a huge hit! I made sure we had all kinds of toppings – syrup, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, bananas, strawberries, cherry syrup, whipped topping. The outcome was wonderful! As you can see, drinking a mimosa before trying out the waffle maker may not have been the best idea but in the end it worked!! The beautiful champagne flutes were part of the favors, keep an eye out for the details on those!

M K 11171798_10206423614970885_132389160_o 11159181_10206423115078388_812468631_o 11056102_10100973271273757_8333233634013870107_n

New ImageAfter we were giddy from mimosas and content from the waffles, we started the crafts. First we made bracelets as part of the favors (again, more on that later!). Then we drug out the glitter and knocked out 3 or 4 of Daweezy’s big DIY wedding projects. All of this was a surprise to her. Her mom snuck all of her craft supplies to the party without Daweezy knowing. We glittered clothespins, table numbers, and letters, and finished her wedding favors – cute little jelly jars, by putting fabric on the tops.

Next post will be about the Party Favors! (To DIY for DUH!!). So keep eye out for it!

  ~ Laweezy ❤

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