Bachelorette Party Favors to DIY for!

Text Favor2Finally, lets finish off our Bachelorette series with our favorite… PARTY FAVORS! I think overall the theme of the weekend was w[h]ining, accessories, and DIY. Daweezy in a nutshell!

FavorsSo for the favors, I settled on champagne flutes that we decorated with “beads” and personalized metal cuffs, both from Darby Smart (amazing site! Check it out if you love DIY!! Daweezy will do a blog eventually on her DIY Vintage Button Necklace I bought for her). I wanted to tie in the winery, so i made keychains with corks and stamped metal plates to say ATL 2015. I added some plastic beads to make it colorful and threw in some gold glitter eye-shadow I happened to come across at Walgreens… Finally, I topped them off with simple white flags, trimmed with gold glitter glue, saying “Bring On the Bling” and “Weekend to DIY For” to tie in the Accessory party we had for Daweezy and all of the DIYs we did. Overall, they were approximately $15-20 each because I waited for sales and used coupons to buy everything! Shop smart!!11078910_10206223592090438_1168993664_o

They came together and tied everything in really well. I chose the champagne flutes (at first i was leaning towards wine glasses) because they would make our mimosas super classy on Sunday and they were just DIFFERENT! More than likely I will use mine as a vase, with the cuff around the base.


As for the key chains, I bought the corks, keychains and connectors from Hobby Lobby. I had to go to Lowes for the eyelets, the piece that screw into the cork. I used the metal stamping kit i bought from Darby Smart to make the tags. The blank tags came from PJ TOOL, if you ever decide to do some metal stamping, check them out! A great selection of tags, stamps and so much more! I also bought the Heart stamp from PJ TOOL, the Darby kit only comes with letters and numbers. Lastly, to make the keychains SCREAM Daweezy, I glued some purple glitter to the ends… this was also handy to cover the holes from wine openers! 😉

We had so much fun making the flutes and cuffs our own masterpiece, or failure *cough-cough* … the consensus was to put “Shenanigans GA 2015”. on the metal cuffs, i think they (mostly) turned out great!! Regardless of outcome, they made memories for is to hang on to for years to come.

IMG_20150530_142948I don’t know about the other girls, but i enjoyed our weekend immensely and would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

~ Laweezy ❤

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