Meet Daweezy

Kyra, Mike, Amanda, & Kali

Hi! I’m Amanda Louise, AKA Daweezy. I get the name because I’m “demanding”, but really I just like organization and control :). I live in Florida with my fiancé Mike and our two fur babies Kyra and Kali. I work full time while finishing my Bachelor’s degree. I’m also playing wedding planner and planning every detail of our wedding. In my free time I try and work on projects around our house. I dream of one day having my own craft room where I won’t worry about getting glitter on the floor. But really, who doesn’t like glitter in their carpet?!

I love recreating something I’ve seen on Pinterest, HGTV, or in a magazine. I hate spending money on something I know that I can make myself. Three times a year I attend an “antique extravaganza” here in Florida. I will take you along with me, show you my finds and where/how I use them. I have tons of projects I’ve done around our house and many more to come. And, lots of DIY wedding projects in waiting. Although I’m busy, I always make time to do things I enjoy! I hope you will join along to read about my journey from full time employee and student, to wife, to hopefully one day stay-at-home momma.

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