Meet Laweezy

Laweezy, Terrible Terror, Hubban and Bebo

I’m Jamie Louise AKA Laweezy, I’m an army wife, stay-at-home Mommy, as well as work-from-home manager, and online student. We did say BUSY right?!
My awesome Hubban has been serving in the army for 8 years, we have lived in Kentucky, South Korea, North Carolina and now Alabama. I love to travel and explore new areas, always looking forward to our next adventure! I have two amazing sons; Bebo is a 5 year old dragon hunter who named his 1 year old baby brother, “Terrible Terror,” as soon as he started crawling. I am blessed to be able to work from home processing for Property Preservation companies. I also attend online classes through a community college, studying accounting to further my opportunities in the Accounting world.


I am always trying out new recipes from Pinterest, I’ll give you my honest opinion on each as well as any changes I made to keep my picky-eaters happy. My husband and boys are VERY picky, yet I still love to try new recipes and make them my guinea pigs. No complaints [most nights]! I love to make and send unique gifts to friends and family, stay connected for great ideas to send your loved ones! I’m a busy momma, losing weight with MyFitnessPal, feel free to add me on there, to see what I’m eating. If you want a real mom, with down-to-earth advice and insight, stick around to read about my life adventures.

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