Bacheloreopardy! and Other Party Games

Board 1One of my plans for Amanda’s Bachelorette party was to have her “EARN” cash by playing games. The girls and I want her to be able to buy the wedding dress accessories (belt, headband, jewelry, shoes, whatever she decides on) that she REALLY wants, without worrying about blowing her budget. Daweezy loves to watch Jeopardy! so I decided to go in that direction …
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Daweezy’s Bachelorette Weekend [the Beginning]

11072196_10205719333335160_8942518543129531548_nWe have survived Daweezy’s Bachelorette party!! Over quite a few posts, I’ll share all of the glittery details of her SURPRISE weekend. Per her request, she wanted to know NOTHING. The month prior to the weekend, I gave her different clues/teasers, but this one finally clued her in to the general location just days before she left Florida, though it wasn’t easy for her to figure out!!

Stay up to date with us, as I share my planning details, craft how-tos, food bar basics and other details of the weekend!

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“Congrats on Getting Knocked Up!”

boxI found out one of my closest friends is expecting her FIRST baby!!! Hubban and I were one of the first to know! This couple was one of the first to know when we were expecting our Terrible Terror and even stayed at the hospital all night to watch our 4 y/o Bebo when our Terror was born. We wish we could be there to laugh at their pregnancy adventures!!

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Crap Collecting

RenningersThere are very few things that get me excited enough to wake up before 9am on a Saturday. Shopping at a HUGE antique fair just happens to be one of those things! Renningers Antique Extravaganza is held three times a year in Mount Dora, Florida. They hold a show in November, January, and February, and I go EVERY time. This show has been labeled one of the top 24 best antique shows by Country Living!!

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Glittery Cupcakes

CupcakesFor Valentine’s day this year, Hubban and I chose to take the easy route! We enjoyed a low-key day and I surprised him with yummy (and GORGEOUS) cupcakes! CONFESSION: I am not a baking queen, I am a firm believer/user of boxed cakes (except when it comes to cookies)!

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