Bachelorette Party Favors to DIY for!

Text Favor2Finally, lets finish off our Bachelorette series with our favorite… PARTY FAVORS! I think overall the theme of the weekend was w[h]ining, accessories, and DIY. Daweezy in a nutshell!
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DIY Glittery Bachelorette Decor

diyI tried to do as many DIY décor for Daweezy’s bachelorette weekend to make it unique and 100% Daweezy’s style. I glittered some letters for the door hanger, as well as some wine bottles for the table centerpiece, and made her “Bachelorette” sash! Read on to see the few simple steps to each of these!

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Daweezy’s Bachelorette Weekend [the Beginning]

11072196_10205719333335160_8942518543129531548_nWe have survived Daweezy’s Bachelorette party!! Over quite a few posts, I’ll share all of the glittery details of her SURPRISE weekend. Per her request, she wanted to know NOTHING. The month prior to the weekend, I gave her different clues/teasers, but this one finally clued her in to the general location just days before she left Florida, though it wasn’t easy for her to figure out!!

Stay up to date with us, as I share my planning details, craft how-tos, food bar basics and other details of the weekend!

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