Please Dreams Don’t Come True!

You always hear about brides having nightmares about their weddings…I happen to be one of them. The bad thing, I REMEMBER THEM ALL!!!! I decided to document my dreams. So far, I’ve had some doozies…forgetting big things, like ordering food. I haven’t had a good dream yet..I’m praying one day I will. I guess the actual day will be my good dream….I can accept that 🙂


Dream #1:

My hair and makeup girl couldn’t find me. She called the hotel where I was staying and couldn’t find where I was. I tried to call her and for some reason, phones do NOT work in dreams. Once she finally found me, she started on my mom’s makeup first. She took purple shades of eye shadow and put it around my mom’s entire eye. Upper lid, lower, and even up by her eye brow. Remember the Drew Carey show, Mimi and her makeup?? That’s what she looked like! Worse, she asked me if it looked good and I lied to her and told her yes!! Then she started on my makeup. She took a big, thick royal blue eyeliner pencil and drew a line horizontally across my face and down my nose. Then she blended it, like that helped! Along with my crappy makeup job, this must’ve been the dream of memory loss. I forgot to schedule a caterer. It was the morning of the wedding day and I literally forgot to order food for the wedding. I was running around freaking out trying to figure out what we could do for food. Don’t think I ever did figure it out. To top that off, I never got my dress!!! So, we had to run to the store and get the nicest white dress we could find…needless to say, it was HIDEOUS! Once we got to the wedding venue, they set up our tables and such in the wrong room. We’re getting married outside, but the venue set up everything inside with wrong décor, colors, etc. Luckily my alarm went off and I wasn’t living the nightmare anymore. I’m not Bridezilla, but if that was my actual day I may have had a meltdown…or two.

Dream #2:

Another moment of memory loss. I guess since I’m doing mostly everything myself, everything is DIY, I’m stressing to make sure its all done. This dream, I didn’t get to it all. I never did our centerpieces, or any décor for the tables. Most people wouldn’t think that to be a nightmare, but, the planning, organized, “I need everything perfect” side of me thought it was. We also forgot to schedule the officiant to marry us!! Ummmm, we kind of need that in order to be married! So, we found someone to marry us (don’t remember who it was) but while we’re saying our I Do’s…Mike’s mom wasn’t even at the wedding!! She was in another room talking to someone! I just remember crying after we were married that she missed the whole thing!

I’m going to keep track of more dreams that come…as I’m SURE they will. So far what I’ve learned, that apparently I’m going to forget to do a lot of stuff…like feed our guests and wear a pretty dress!

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